Ep!K recently released an emotionally-charged and powerful album titled The Onset Of Agnosthesia, and you absolutely have to check it out! It all started with a downtempo techno-inspired hit “Dancing By Myself” that will not leave a single soul untouched. The album followed closely after the release of this track, featuring ten transcendental pieces with such deep feelings distilled in them! Fascinating, vibrant, and lush, Ep!K’s new album has much to offer, from melodic experimentation previously unseen and unimaginable, to profound thought.

Ep!K is a rising artist, sound engineer and producer, who creates uncanny alternative R&B, hip-hop, and electronica music that’s meticulous, persistent, and introspective. “Art is its own world, and creatives like myself are born into it, meaning my purpose in life is to use my gift for myself and others,” the artist shared. Inspired by Michael Jackson, The Weeknd, Jacob Collier, and Prince, Ep!K works diligently on quality pieces and solid albums, one of which is The Message That Never Got Sent with singles including his popular “Blame Me” and “Hateful Love”. 

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