Without dishing out spoilers, everything about this musical reel is captivating. As the curtains rise, we get a glimpse of Gemma Griffiths quietly sneaking away from a snoring Ricky Tyler after what seems to have been a great one night stand. The radio is on and ironically, Metro FM’s DJ Sabby is ranting about how women are better cheaters than men. Subsequently making her swift escape, the Zimbabwean songstress takes us back to the origin of the plot as she elegantly performs at a cabaret. Here she meets the young South African rapper, Ricky Tyler, and an impetuous romance ignites. The director, Kyle Keys, did a great job at baking this short film he co-wrote with his longtime business partner, Jerry Sabwa. The music video feeds into the music creating a cinematic experience hard to brush away. No spoilers, but the plot twist that awaits the viewers at the end is breathtaking. The acting from Gemma Griffiths and Ricky Tyler was top tier with an abundance of chemistry. I instantly believed them.