Miles Kalchik

Born and raised in Connecticut, Eileen Peltier aka Sports Boyfriend, is a solo artist who first began playing guitar as a teenager. Before her career launched, she utilized garage rock as a base sound since it was an easier medium for her to learn. After moving to Chicago, and attending college at DePaul University, she radiated out musically throughout the scene. Garnishing the likes of many Chicago blogs including The Chicago Tribune, cementing a flourishing path as a future act that will be selling out shows.

Diving into her most recent single Acrobatics, takes a warmer approach on the production style compared to her past singles in 2021. Containing groovy bass lines and poppy cow bells riddled throughout the track that remind me of Earth, Wind & Fire. It’s just one of those songs you listen to on a mellow drive with your windows down. The mezzo soprano melody delivers a massaging hug to your feelings, that lifts you to unwind and dance around. As we break down the lines, she unravels those negative thoughts doing mental gymnastics, and flips them out of your head. Listening to this track when you’re gloomy, will give you a breath of fresh air to go back to and rethink your situation. So if you haven’t already, go listen to her newest single out now on all platforms!