Though Van Buren Records has largely been responsible for the recent buzz that surrounds the arts scene in Brockton, Massachusetts, the city possesses a wide array of creators who range from all types of backgrounds and artistic mediums. Helping to shine a light on this diversity is STEFAN THEV, whose indie/alt style of music has garnered attention from music fans from across the globe. His most recent string of releases are centered around a series of bad dreams that STEFAN experienced, recounting some of the gruelling details as his alter-ego: Corduroy Boy. Today, the Brockton native shakes the room with his most recent single, “ghouls! zombies! skeletons!”.

While STEFAN THEV has been making music for the better part of the last decade, he started from scratch in 2021 following the release of “ON THE EDGE WITH YOU”. Reaching a point in his artistic journey where he had created himself anew, STEFAN’s freshly renovated catalog is one that stands with vast formidability. “ghouls! zombies! skeletons!” is only the latest example of this. Making use of a post punk style of instrumentation, and coating it with a fluttering array of vocals that contain a high prevalence of energy, STEFAN’s newest release is an all-encompassing display of the Brockton artist’s capabilities.

Helping to insert some more life into this release is Isaac Darosa, who was tasked with the role of Director and Cinematographer of this song’s official music video. From start to finish, the visual is equipped with hallucinatory scenes during which STEFAN encounters some of the ghoulish beings that have inspired the name of this track. Circumnavigating these figures, while at the same time enduring ones’ own internal struggles, is the ultimate plight that’s attached to “ghouls! zombies! skeletons!”. Be sure to give this release a watch, as it’s truly one of the most engaging that I have seen in some time.