Even as someone who spends a great deal of time listening & looking for new music, it’s not often you can find artists from their very first release. Luckily I’ve had that opportunity with singer/songwriter Stella Lefty.

The young artist from Winnetka, Illinois started her music journey at 5 years old when she first started to play guitar, and would begin to perform in the following years. Now 20 years old, and a junior at Tulane University, she has set in motion her artist project.

Her debut single “from me to you -demo” tells the tragic story of Stella losing her best friend Olivia to her fight with cancer. Stella shares “when she passed away,I had no clue how to handle my emotions, so I turned to music. I started writing a song a day and really getting into the flow of things until ‘from me to you’ came together.”

Stella takes this opportunity to showcase her uncommonly impressive vocal range over a fairly minimal acoustic guitar production. You can hear the emotion in her voice as she questions her relationship with faith. While coping with the passing of a loved one is never easy,Stella has found the perfect way to pay respects to her dear friend Olivia, who was a talented singer herself.

This is only the beginning for Stella Lefty and we believe the future she has in store is bright and promising. Be sure to check out her single “from me to you -demo” and be on the look for new music from her in the near future.