As summer swiftly approaches and the weather goes from grey skies adding to our seasonal depression to tropical warmth that matches our soon to be sunny disposition, we know we’re bound to here countless summer anthems emerge from the music world. Tracks that make us feel jubilant, like we’ve got the world at our feet and the only thing that can stop us exploring the vast joys this world can bring is how swiftly the sun goes down. It’s a difficult feeling to capture, some just add some steel drums and a slight whimsical synth to an upbeat track and believe they’ve written this years summer anthem, whilst others go all out to craft something that makes you smile from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat. That is where Stephen Dawes comes into play.

Positive! is sunshine in a bottle, capturing the whimsy the season can bring with the sun-kissed guitar riffs propelling the piece forward as the addictive beat reverberates through your body and a wave of optimism soon follows. Whatever mood you’re in you’ll find it near impossible not to feel the joy radiating like the sun from this track, brightening up any cloudy day and being able to transform your mood with one listen to that rapturous chorus. Indie pop never sounded so good and I’m damn certain this will be on repeat throughout my summer season.