Texas-based young talent Carsn. is out with a debut album that has already garnered teens of thousands of streams. Already a college graduate, Carsn. dedicates most of his time to creating music that cannot be boxed into a single genre. For years, Carsn. was an athlete and played football for his college team while at the same time educating himself about music theory and production, and making his own rhymes. Mixed 3motions certainly reflects the artist’s deep inner world, his various experiences with people and the emotions he himself has felt, lending him credibility and authenticity above all else. 

In his interview with Stereo-Saints magazine, Carsn. revealed his creative process: “I decided on the track list just by going back and listening to what I’ve created. After listening for a few weeks, I got a better idea of what flows together and what doesn’t. Sometimes when I’m making a song I tend to pause about halfway through and begin another one just because I have so many ideas I want to get down. Some ideas and emotions will flow into the next song depending upon when I created it, and that’s kind of how I start putting the tracks together.” Carsn. Has more projects lined up for 2023, so stay tuned!