Photo: Courtesy of the label

Last Friday, Nigerian artist Blaqbonez, who just sold out his first show in Lagos, released a record called ‘Commander’. On point with his marketing for the record, the Chocolate City artist has managed to cause an uproar on social media. Seemingly admitting to having a polyamorous lifestyle, one where he entertains and courts several women, he typed, “it feels wrong to continue to hide you from the world cos last year when i lost my brother no one else was there for me but you”.

It would be sweet if it were typed one time, but as of now, he has confessed identical love for three different women. We are unsure if three is enough for Blaqbonez, but he is on a roll with this one.

As the women in his life want us to do, stream the new Type A produced record ‘Commander’ below. We wouldn’t want to upset the loves of his life.