Teni, the gifted and talented singer-songwriter from Nigeria, has released a stunning “double pack” worthy of multiple playbacks from you. The well-made effort is called ‘Little & Legendary‘. On the first record, she croons about wanting to see her person today, and the urgency of being in love and wanting to be with your partner seems to have influenced the songwriting behind this one. The next song, produced by Chillz, ‘Legendary’, is about feeling like a boss/bad-ass and what it takes to remain that way. Stream both tracks ‘Little (Love I Love)’ and ‘Legendary’ below.

Photo: Spotify

Three days ago, on her Instagram, she posted photos of herself in several motor vehicles (tractor, car, and jet) and wrote, “I’m Single for the Summer”. If she’s hooking up with any of the beautiful human beings she shared on her Instagram within the last week, she is one of the luckiest people on this planet.