I’ve sung my praises for the bedroom pop artist Su Lee countless times in the past with her single I’ll Just Dance being one of the songs of the year for me, as well as being a quarantine anthem for all to enjoy, and her emotional honesty she shared with the world within her video My Life as a Bedroom Indie Musician. She’s a charming character and that translates into her music, videos and social media with her being one of the more relatable and honest musicians out their right now with her showing all the good, bad and ugly sides of being not only a musician but a human being in the modern era. Her music is a place for us all to find comfort within and her latest track is no different.

Sleepy Hollow is a self-haunter’s anthem that is for the overthinkers out there who’re trapped within their own head and let the treacherous thoughts that swirl round take a hold of them. Her elegiac lyricisms, “I can never sleep, even in my dreams,” portray this self damning effect our mind can have upon us as her elegant vocal increases the raw emotion to new heights without you even realising it, her music is a sleeper hit, it slowly creeps up upon you until you find yourself reaching for the tissues. A true talent who’s come to life in 2020 and looks like she’ll continue her meteoric rise into 2021 and beyond.