There’s been an ongoing trend of artists slipping in Nursery Rhymes into their music to the point where I let out an audible groan every time I scroll through my TikTok for you page and hear someone attempt to replicate the same success ABCEFU had. Most artists have just slotted into their track without it truly fitting their ideology, Sueco on the other hand has made something that embodies his sound and has me happily humming along to the taunting rhyming scheme in place. This shouldn’t surprise anyone however, Sueco simply doesn’t miss with his on brand, genre bending take on the alt pop punk genre.

Heavy guitars that reverberate through your body as you blast it out of your speakers and a pulsating percussion encouraging you to get your foot tapping, Next Ex is Sueco as on brand as ever. Whilst the hook wedges itself so deep into the crevasses of your skull that you’d require an excavation crew to remove them, it’s the charisma that he possesses that makes this track. He isn’t afraid to embrace the angst driven lyrical narrative and even be a bit childish as he croons the hook, making it almost seem like a taunt that you could give your ex after the end of a messy break up. Include A Clockwork Orangeinspired official music video – directed by Los Angeles-based artist/filmmaker Nas Bogado and you’ve got another home run from this artist.