Summer Walker is the first artist to release a sped-up album ever.

Photo: Courtesy of the label

Today, Summer Walker released the revamped version of her 2018 album ‘Last Day of Summer’ and its sped-up version. After fans increased the speed of her song ‘Karma’, the talented singer-songwriter saw spikes in her streams, according to the official press release. Please, find the full tracklisting below.


‘Last Day Of Summer (Sped Up)’ Tracklisting

BP (Sped Up)
Talk Yo Shit (Sped Up)
Girls Need Love (Sped Up)
CPR (Sped Up)
Smartwater (Sped Up)
Deep (Sped Up)
Baby (Sped Up)
I’m There (Sped Up)
Karma (Sped Up)
Prayed Up (Sped Up)
Shame (Sped Up)
Just Like Me (Sped Up)
Girls Need Love (Remix Sped Up) featuring Drake