One Balcony. Two Utopias. That’s the mindset that Sunset Rollercoaster have taken with the release of their project that’s a collaboration between them artists from all across the globe. The first introductory EP of Infinity Sunset Compilation was dropped today and includes two matching tracks, one from the band and one from rising talent Phum Viphurit. Both artists take completely different approaches to the single and it’s clear to see they both have unique visions that are utterly spellbinding when put together.

Sunset Rollercoaster go for an indie rock summer anthem, completely with sun-kissed guitar riffs that allow you to reminisce of the wonders youth can bring. Ignoring the bad moments and instead embracing the jubilance that comes from euphoric highs that come this time. The freedom of youth is perfectly captured here. Then we have Viphurit’s version, going for a laidback Mac DeMarco approach with a tropically tinged guitar melody over a hazy summer soundscape creating a more serene backdrop. This intimate take is a celebration of the little things, those small moments we take for granted during our youth that we’d do anything to get back all these years later. The same song but two unique points of view. One Balcony. Two Utopias.

“The beauty of the sunset is infinite, but the dusk comes right after’—or so a famous Chinese poem written in the 9th century goes, reminding us that all good things must come to an end. However, in theory, if one were to constantly fly westward above the equator at around 1.5 times the speed of sound, the sunset itself, and not just its beauty, would become infinite. To stay in the magic hour forever, there are two potential methods: build a supersonic jet that doesn’t require refueling, or take a seat on the Sunset Rollercoaster.”