Artists Sweeney, CMTEN, and carpetgarden come together in “Moonlight”, a hypnotising waltz that tributes to the loveliest parts of life’s most bittersweet memories. “Moonlight” captures what the heart feels in the heat of reminiscence: a phase of remembering everything that has been loved, replaying memories, and wishing for it over and over. It’s a dangerous game to play, and “Moonlight” pulls you straight into it–making it a fitting addition to any lovesick playlist. 

Sweeney introduces the tone for “Moonlight” hand in hand with a bright guitar counterpart, creating an overly romanticised version of reality through the use of sound alone. He sings a catchy melody that grabs your attention, and guides you through the indie movie-like feel of the song. It’s electronic and hypnotising, and contrasts delightfully with CMTEN’s warm and full vocal. Sentimentally sung and soulfully steady, CMTEN touches on a vulnerable memory that feels completely inescapable. It captures the state of Limbo after experiencing heartbreak, right before everything crashes down in a whirlwind of emotion. This fuels the fire for the vibrant lullaby carpetgarden delivers, creating a thoughtfully isolated moment in the track. They create a haunting space that echoes within the mix of passionate vocals, delicate accents, and raw emotion–being reminiscent of the hollow feeling that follows newfound isolation. Each piece of the collaboration within “Moonlight” is tied together perfectly, making for a suitable toast to the inescapable sentiment after an episode of heartbreak.