As one can imagine, promises are made and broken in relationships, so Syd asks the hard questions.

Photo: Pitchfork

Alternative R&B artist Syd, known for her contribution to now-defunct Odd Future as a DJ and a co-founder of The Internet, has been on a personal journey—falling in and out of love. In the gentle yet inquisitive ‘CYBAH’—shortened for ‘Can You Break A Heart?’—she asks if the one she loves is capable of hurting her and if she’s going to do her right or wrong.

About the album, Syd confirmed it draws inspiration from her life and a relationship she had to end. Syd continued—in a statement—to Pitchfork, “It almost felt I joined a club because all of my friends went through similar experiences. It was like a rite of passage.”

It is a follow-up to ‘Right Track’, Syd’s recent collaboration with St Louis’ rapper-singer Smino. Both records are from her forthcoming album ‘Broken Hearts Club’ scheduled to release on April 8 through Columbia Records. Kehlani also features on the album on the ninth track titled ‘Out Loud’.