It’s a special skill to manage to sound both highly energetic and remarkably chill at the same time but Tai Verdes has got that skill nailed down to a fine art. You listen to his music and you’re able to flip between relaxing in the sun with a pint of beer in hand, to raising that beer to the sky as you start your own private dance party in the middle of the summer heat. However, the highlight of Verdes’ music will always been the feel good vibes that come along with it. If you’re having a day where everything has been overcast, it’s horrible grey sky everywhere you look and nothing appears to be going right for you, his scintillating sound combined with his charismatic voice provide you with the ray of sunlight you need to get through it all.

With all that being said, it should come as no surprise that sheluvme is another joyous affair that his loyal fanbase will be blasting out of their car speakers. You’re filled with a blissful euphoria that raises your serotonin levels to new heights as his intoxicating melodies soar throughout. The brass section is filled with personality that matches the energy of the lighthearted bassline, which easily gets your foot tapping, and when you include a gossamer like piano that dances across the soundscape like a ballerina you know you’ve got a bop and a half. Yes, the track might be called sheluvme but I know I’m loving everything Tai Verdes has to offer.