After featuring on the soundtrack of the hit Netflix comedy show “Survival of The Thickest”, Talia Goddess is the upcoming star you need to keep your eye on. She’s an uncanny creative force, ready to push the boundaries of what it means to be an alternative artist. Unapologetically, her music is a safe haven for queer and black youth. This is proof of someone who was plucked from the cosmos and strategically put on Earth to show the world what true ingenuity is. 

Her latest track, “I WANT YOU” is vibey and transcendental. This is exemplified in the music video: she gives us high-energy choreography while also providing ethereal visuals. From darker shots with a mystical, yellow haze, to vibrant party scenes with an ocean of auras, Talia Goddess is able to catch your attention with not only your ears, but your eyes as well. Additionally, her voice may be the most unique thing you’ve ever heard. It has this raspy tone that alluringly fuses with her beautifully rich singing. 

Talia Goddess is a hidden gem. She’s climbing her way up, proving that originality will always prevail. Every time you listen to her, remember that you’re hearing the voice of someone who will leave a permanent mark on the world.