Hailing from Portland the silky smooth R&B singer Tatiana has slowly been making a name for herself in the cities emerging music scene. Her candid lyricisms allow her to remain open and honest with her audience whilst showcasing some of her most vulnerable moments through her emphatic storytelling that her smokey vocal delivers to perfection. It’s easy to see why the likes of Jhene Aiko are praising her divine talent and as more people casually begin to discover this songstress’s emotive brand of alternative R&B, it becomes clear this could be the start of something quite special.

She’s a self proclaimed writer of love songs so it’s no surprise what the subject matter for her latest offering Since I Left You is. The track is a reflective piece that focuses on the aftermath of a break up where we see all that’s happened to Tatiana since that fatal day as she weaves a tale of love that isn’t afraid to go detail the moments that we usually keep behind closed doors, “But even with the tears and overtime this house don’t feel like home.” This is one of those songs that is perfect for listening to in the dark (pitch black) with no one around because you feel like you’re in a movie theatre watching this scene unfold as the two leads put in the performances of their life. Gorgeous stuff.

In an Instagram post Tatiana had this to say about the track, “This song holds such a special place in my heart and I’ll always remember how easily the words just came out of me at the time that they did. I want to thank all of the people who have been part of this journey and who helped really bring this song and this story to life. I’ve never known much about anything but I know that this is what I love. Thank you for listening.”