We’re currently entering an era where the late 90’s and early 2000’s are everywhere. Y2K fashion is taking over, the alternative space of the 90’s has muscled its way into the collective music conscious, and there’s about 50 tv shows based on either era. Usually people are mimicking the sound, attempting to become one of the era’s defining artists, which is why I adore when musicians like The Life (Curtis Everett Pawley) add their own flavour to the soundscape. He’s seasoned his debut Grace with Huey Lewis influenced melodies, melancholy guitar riffs that wouldn’t feel out of place in the 90’s alternative charts, a charismatic vocal performance, and the exuberance of glam-rock.

It’s a compelling listen, allowing Pawley to live his John Hughes movie fantasy whilst pushing the sound of an era gone by into the modern day. In the face of the doom and gloom we’re constantly bombarded by, The Life offers us a rest-bite that lets us block out the noise and live in a moment of musical euphoria. Glistening like the moon on the ocean at night, this song is will soon be apart of my heavy rotation.