On Tuesday, the NBA board of governors is expected to vote on making the play-in tournament a permanent part of the season. In the past, the NBA would vote on the play-in tournament on a year-to-year basis, but the vote on Tuesday will end that.

In the past two years, the play-in tournament has given us some of the most exciting basketball throughout the entire playoffs and has grown in popularity. The idea of the play-in tournament was to have the seventh and tenth-seed teams in each conference battle for the final playoff spot, thus hopefully incentivising teams to stop tanking the season and keep fans more engaged.

The board of governors is also expected to pass a rule that penalises the “take foul” on fast breaks with a free throw and possession of the ball for the offense. I believe the NBA is the most progressive professional sports league in the world, largely because they are contently looking for ways to improve the product they’re selling to the fans.