Right now the UK is entering a golden age where this wonderful nation is producing some of the best hip hop and R&B talent in the world right now. Countless artists are proving this whether it be Kamal, Ivorian Doll or MS Banks, this country is knocking out the park consistently but there’s one artist who’s left me enthralled, captivated and utterly entranced by every single track she’s produced and that is the legendary Tia Carys. Her last release Intro remains one of the best tracks to come out of 2020 with her evoking the whole spectrum of human emotion through her vivd storytelling of her own coming out and her unwavering delivery that makes her music simply unskippable. She never disappoints and today is no different.

Her latest release Reflect In Mirrors contains some of the best visuals she’s released yet with her choreography being on point and the lighting matching the atmosphere to a tee. A thumping bassline leads the production with a subtle latin flavoured guitar adding a bit of flair to the piece as her impassioned vocal smoothly glides over it all as she weaves in her natural storytelling ability to make you feel as if you’re a fly on the wall watching the tale unfold. No doubt, Tia Carys is one of the best rising stars coming out of the UK right now and her ascent to the top is going to be a journey well worth watching.