Tierra Whack joins Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 to discuss her new single ‘Stand Up’ from her new EP ‘Rap?’ She tells Apple Music about how a conversation with JAY Z led her to lean into the sound, trying to make music for movies, exploring the classics for inspiration, and more.

Photo: Courtesy of Apple Music

Tierra Whack tells Apple Music about New Song ‘Stand Up’ and how a conversation with JAY Z fueled the sound

So I’ve seen the most recent Joker, the movie, about five times, it’s like one of my favourite movies. I watched it once just by myself when it first came out and then I had a conversation with JAY Z and he was like, “Yo, you’re the joker of the game.” And I’m like, “What does that mean?” And he’s like, “You come off happy but there’s a dark side.” And honestly, it stuck with me. And I’m just like, you know what? That’s exactly who I am. I’m the joker, I’m the wild card. So yeah, I needed a record to make me feel badass, and that’s what Stand Up is.

We’ve been blessed to get a few opportunities, plenty, honestly plenty, we have so many calls and emails coming in all the time, just for movies and soundtracks. So I’m just always trying to make music for movies. So, scenes, like I can see this playing at the. From the production with my producer J Melodic and then the lyrics, on my behalf. Just always just trying, I want to hear and see my music in a movie. So yeah, definitely. I can play the joker, I can play that movie on mute and then just play Stand Up and be like, oh yeah, this feels right.

Tierra Whack tells Apple Music about exploring the classics for inspiration

I listen to all classics all day. When I’m looking for that inspiration I dig, I go do my homework. So, the people who just really give it to you, they’re telling you the real story and you can feel that they’re not leaving out any details. This is what happened, this is what happened to them. They were there, they went through it and they got through it. So yeah I’m listening to the classic legends. I’m going back, I’m digging. That’s what I like to do. My favourite thing is to watch documentaries and stuff too, films on artists of all sorts, music, art, every everything.