Going through Tiffany Day’s discography is like perusing through a time capsule. From the beginning you see the makings of a wondrous artist with her debut Bubble carrying an air of Colbie Caillat, but as she grows so does her sound. Going from gentle ukulele strums to a fully blown our electronic chorus of undulating synths, warped electronics, and thumping basslines, this Wichita, Kansas has grown into a powerhouse. This YouTube sensation has never been afraid to push her sonic identity further.

As the years have gone by her talent has only grown, as well as her online presence. Having multiple viral video moments, songs that’ve taken over my TikTok FYP, and an ever expanding fanbase who’ve memorised her tracks word for word and beat for beat. Moving to LA to work with renowned producers and grow her creative connections, Day has become an artist you can’t ignore and her latest drop is her best to date.

A masterful display of blending hyperpop into the modern chart topping pop landscape, DREAMS ABT OPTIMISM was made for bumping to in your car. Contorted electronics reverberate through your speakers as her electronically warped voice, reminiscent of the PC music sound, bounces between the drops with sniper like precision. The introspective lyrics about the fight inside her head to think with optimism as opposed to pessimism are relatable yet beautifully blunt, making it feel almost conversational. This is a euphonic cacophony of madness that cements Tiffany Day as a future high riser.