We’ve all had moments where the radio is playing, a banger of a love song has come on and we’ve envisioned ourselves living out the lyrics word for word with our partners. Every cheesy cliché that’s thrown at us, we live it our through our mind and believe that one day we’ll be living out those songs in real life. Kissing someone’s face in the purple rain, dancing in the dark, looking for something dumb to do by marrying you and a plethora of other lyrics are all ones we want to live out. However we soon realise we’re awkward and typically cringe-worthy with our romantic gestures, but that’s the joy of the love on the radio, it doesn’t compare to our own.

All this and more is what inspired TITUS BANK’s latest summer anthem that you’ll be singing for weeks on end Radio. The glistening guitar melodies, buoyant drums and scintillating melodies are wondrously uplifting, making you smile from ear to ear like a Cheshire Cat whilst BANK’s clean cut pop vocal (reminiscent of Shawn Mendes) croons an array of playful lyrics that add to this cheery atmosphere. The verses are the sit down moments, letting BANK’s relieve himself of the things he’s got on his chest before the eruptive chorus arrive through a euphoric blast of rapturous instrumentals that bring new life to this 80’s driven hook. You can always bank on Titus to deliver pop tracks you’ll have on repeat for weeks on end.

“I wrote this song with the amazing and talented Jack Newsome while I was away on my first writing trip in LA. This tune ended up being inspired by one lyric that I had written down in my notebook ‘love is only better on the radio’. We sat there and explored and talked and eventually came up with the concept that the love that can rival my wife and I’s is only possible in the ideals of songs and artists on the radio. It’s a song about growing up being an awkward kid and how the early stages of my relationship with my now wife were so clammy and classically cringey. I would love to be like the great swooners and songwriters of our time but in reality, our love still rivals anything that actually exists in this world and the only love that can come close to our cute little awkward love would be the stuff you hear on the radio. The sound is definitely a new exploration for me as it has a lot of 80’s elements and this sort of age-old four on the floor upbeat feel in the chorus.”