You can always rely on the Australian native TJ Loft to deliver a rousing piece of compelling alternative pop that showcases his spellbinding artistry. Dynamic in every sense of the word, Loft has managed to release banger after banger with each new drop propelling his sound to new heights. He’s like some overpowered video game character, he gets to a new level so easily you’d be convinced he was hacking the Matrix we’re in, but no the man is just that good. Having ridiculously high replay value and the pop sensibilities of a veteran songwriter whilst still being able to add his own elements of expressive flair, Loft is ready to become another Aussie pop darling. Honestly with the likes of The Kid LAROI popping off it makes sense that we have a future successor to the thrown, or at the very least someone who can continue the Aussie music icon insurance we’ve been having.

Materialistic Being is another home run from the artist. Thriving from start to finish with compelling lyrics that drag you head first into the fascinating world he’s crafted with every word building his cinematic universe, giving your mind its own personal movie night with a thrilling story that could easily battle it out at the Oscars for top prize. His brooding vocal clashes together with the bombastic production of ominous electronics and raw guitars to form an expressive collision of elements that highlights everything that makes TJ Loft’s sound so enthralling. If you haven’t had the chance to dive headfirst into his sound then take this moment to do so, because if you’re not listening to this brilliant talent then you’re truly missing out.