I heard someone once describe Topaz Jones’ music as Motown rap and I don’t think there’s a better name for his sound than that. It’s polymerisation of a retro sound that helped create the formative years of an entire generation and a new sonic wave that’s taken over the world that’s helping shape a new generations views and ideologies. His album Don’t Go Tellin’ Your Momma was a triumph to say the least, chronicling his formative years through a soundscape that comprised of classic funk, contemporary hip hop, elements of modern pop hooks and that Motown nostalgia that I mentioned previously. His storytelling was on another level, his flow was unreal and was some of his best work to date. Now we get to see some killer visuals to go along side one of the breakout tracks from this project.

Black Tame balances introspective lyrics that discuss serious topics in a unique and impactful way with a production designed for summer days outside with friends and family enjoying a burger from the BBQ. It’s arguably one of the best tracks from his project and the visuals only help elevate this status further. They match the message, they match the vibe and perfectly reflect everything that Topaz Jones is about in the most simple yet hypnotic way. An outstanding piece from an artist who deserves his flowers.