Troy IV is the quiet younger brother of a large family and this become quite clear when you listen to his soothing, introspective brand of R&B. He doesn’t require a big show, loud belting vocal runs or any other bells and whistles to garner the attention of music fans, all he has to do is croon a solemn tale where you’re brought into his world and as his intimate musings are transferred onto you. It’s like someone took Drake’s more self-examining lyrical endeavours and placed them on a H.E.R. produced backing to let the sweet narrative do all the talking for you. This becomes quite apparent in Outfit with the atmospheric production combined with the blissful tone of his laidback vocal showcasing the more irksome side to our romantic endeavours. He goes into how he previously put on a charade to impress a high school crush, new clothes from Supreme, baggy jeans, designer back packs, you get the gist of it. He puts on high hindsight goggles and reflects about how idiotic it was to do this and how he’s grown since then, all whilst sending shivers down our spine with his eclectic use of luscious melodies.

He might be the quiet one in the family but he’s certainly making a lot of noise with his music. Let your romantic angst out through this number and maybe pick up on the message that the best thing you can be in life is yourself. You might not get your crush now but eventually you’ll find the one for you.