American multi-talented artist, Tygriz drops her latest track, “Stupid Parties,” chronicling her struggle with the superficiality rampant within the resplendent halls of party culture. A wrestle that is far removed from the infectious rhythms and unyielding bars of rap that her fans are accustomed to.

Tygriz’s experience at a grandiose party at UCLA forms the crucible from which “Stupid Parties” is forged. A tale of isolation amidst a sea of faces, a story of an artist yearning for genuine connections in a world seemingly content with superficial relationships. 

The juxtaposition of opulence and emptiness is beautifully captured in lyrics that are as piercing as they are evocative: “Baby can’t you see I’m about to leave/ Til I hear you say that you want me/ Now we’re both sitting on these sheets/ All I wanna see is your eyes on me.”

“Baby can’t you see that I’m breaking down/ Gotta get away cuz I hate this town/ Do ya like its work, but I’m playing around/ Music to my ears got you safe and sound,” sings Tygriz, taking listeners on an emotional ride, expressing the need for authentic connections.

Transitioning from the hard-hitting verses of rap to the captivating tunes of pop, and currently exploring the soulful realms of R&B and hip-hop, Tygriz’s sound embodies rebellion and sincerity. In “Stupid Parties,” she paints a universe infused with bright colors yet tinged with an inescapable sadness.

Listen to “Stupid Parties” here: