American Greed is one of the most sought after rock bands in the United States, formed by Mike Mesey, who spent many years working with Chuck Berry, as well as the long time drummer of the band Head East. With Mike Mesey, audiences will have the privilege to hear Dave Farver’s vocals, Matt Arana, the man behind the guitar arrangements and the backing vocals, and Bob Guion, known throughout the midwest for his rock solid bass lines. 

Each of the four members bring their own individual uniqueness and writing abilities to the music, for an overall outstanding result. The high energy soundscape crafted for “Together” is a travel through time and space, bringing back the best of rock n’ roll with an undeniable modern touch. The visuals are an essential addition to the song, in which viewers will have the pleasure to watch the band performing live, but also footage of empty streets in various cities around the world during the lockdown. American Greed is donating all proceeds from streams and downloads to organizations helping people affected by the Covid-19 crisis, leading the path towards unifying the world through art and solidarity.