The beautiful GRAMMY award-winning Jamaican sensation, Koffee, fed us with the official music video to her catchy single, ’Pull Up’. Koffee’s forthcoming album, ’Gifted’, the swinging jam, made available from March 25, 2022. ‘Gifted’ will include released hit records like ‘Lockdown’ and ‘West Indies’. In addition, the young superstar is gearing up for her North American tour with Duke Concept, accompanied by Afrobeats heavyweights like Ayra Starr, Buju, and more.

In the ‘Pull Up’ music video, Koffee is drifting in different sports cars, precisely the ones that she mentions in the lyrics throughout the song. However, what personally got me in awe was the mention of the infamous Russian ‘Zhiguli’ VAZ 210, a Lada, a cameo that will make the rest of Russia love this song and its visuals. The car is notorious for drifting and racing around urban Russia. Koffee performs at different remote locations, including what seems to be a shipping dock and under a flyover with her torso occasionally hanging from the window of a drifting vehicle. The picture is vibrant, young, risky, and free. KC Locke, the director, did a great job bringing that out.