Meet Papi Ojo, the multi-hyphenate Nigerian-American who danced with Beyoncé and released an outstanding five-track EP.

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

We may identify him as the talented “blue man” who danced alongside Beyoncé throughout ‘Black Is King’. Still, with hundreds of millions of eyes on him, Papi Ojo is an obscure vocalist that understands he has to take the necessary steps to be counted as one of today’s top Afrobeats stars in the United States.

On his twenty-third birthday (August 28), Nigerian artist Papi Ojo released the official video for his mesmerising Afrobeats track titled ‘Angelina’. As the video begins, a woman is dressed in intricate garb, and her silhouette is enchanting. Next, she dances, and the budding singer-songwriter Papi Ojo lies on a wooden floor—surrounded by women—in what appears to be a spiritual offering or a sacrificial ritual.

To see how the music video ends, check it out below.

If you like what you hear, you should check out the brand new EP: Unexpected. It is out now on all streaming platforms.