Photo: Instagram

Film director Teoshotthis has been doing great film work recently with some of the hottest rappers like Russ, Nocap, Maxo Kream, etc. Here again, Teoshotthis, does a masterful job of displaying to us the story. The music video for ‘Wishing Death On Me’ is a two-minute and forty-two-second film of a group of boys, getting revenge for a friend’s murder done right in front of them. Yungeen Ace gets in his Morgan Freeman bag and plays an unseen third-party, seeing and rapping/narrating the events taking place.

The record ‘Wishing Death On Me’ is taken off Yungeen Ace’s newest album ‘Life of Betrayal 2x’. The album carries hit single ‘Who I Smoke’ and a bunch of album cuts like ‘Opp Boyz’, ‘All in All’, and ‘Dior’. Overall, it is an upstanding body of work from the Jacksonville-native recording artist.

Check out Yungeen Ace’s newest music video for ‘Wishing Death On Me’ below, and stream his latest album ‘Life of Betrayal 2x’.