Weston Estate is one of the most exciting bands on the come up right now, and the group hailing from North Carolina is now back with their latest single ‘Drown’

Weston Estate has always found a way to deliver unfiltered self-reflection in their lyrics, although you may not notice as it tends to be hidden by the optimism and upbeat energy heard in the production. 

‘Drown’ is a perfect example of this, as it is a product of the group parting ways to different places for the summer, and ultimately knowing that the relationships they build while they are gone won’t last. Whether it’s the chorus of, “Do you believe in love? Cause girl I’m running from it” or the opening to the final verse of “I’m not your friend, don’t keep me close”, it’s very clear that the group knows where they stand in life. 

It is a glaringly honest and introspective take through the minds of the group that can be best displayed through a recent quote they shared with Variety about the track, “this song is a reflection of those relationships, and the bittersweetness that comes with being so connected to something but knowing that you can’t stay for long. The conflicting feelings that come from not being able to be committed to someone who you’ve had a connection with is something that has been felt within all of us.” 

Drown is yet another absolute smash from Weston Estate who without a doubt will continue to grow in popularity for years to come, and is a name you shouldn’t forget anytime soon.