Winifred Ohili Adanu, otherwise known by her moniker Winny, is a multifaceted musician hailing from Benue State, Nigeria. At the bookend of last year she dropped her breakthrough single Pretty, showcasing her blend of genres, distinctively unique vocal tone, heart-on-sleeve storytelling, and compelling musicianship in the process. She communicates the full spectrum of human emotion through her blend of dancehall, R&B, soul and reggae. Love, compassion, vulnerability, she bares her soul to us though her soundscape and captivates us from start to finish. She’s a raw talent that’s ready to coruscate as bright as a star in the night sky, and her sophomore single is the embodiment of her talent.

Screaming from the roof top unashamedly about how much she loves someone, Don’t Leave is Winny being as vulnerable as she can. Openly expressing her love despite what the consequences may bring, knowing that she will follow her love wherever they may roam, and as long as they treasure her she will continue to love them freely. The dulcet tones of her honey drizzled vocal offers a euphonious feeling with a soulful edge as the lusciously pulsating production propels the piece forward. Her yearning voice cuts through the noise like knife, hooking and bringing you into her sonic world that’s a vibrant, technicolour marvel to behold.

With Winny it feels like we’re witnessing the birth of a rapidly rising superstar in the making, someone who could take the world by storm.

“This song, for me, is an openness to share the vulnerability that comes with loving someone so freely. I am accepting that, as long as the relationship is valuable to me, and if it were ever to go awry – I will stay, I will chase; my quest for love will persist.”