Welcome to Xana’s mind. The Queer Canadian-based artist wears her heart on her sleeve on her raw and brutally honest new single ‘My Therapist Told Me’. Sonically reminiscent of early to mid-noughties pop-punk acts such as Avril Lavainge, Fall Out Boy and Panic at the Disco, Xana takes you into her world with this energetic pop-punk, almost-theatrical-sounding anthem about the difficulty of letting toxic people go, especially when they “send you naked pictures.” The contrast between vulnerable lyricism, explosive guitars and Xana’s powerful vocal performance is what makes this track so great and addictive. Only lyrics such as “Raise a hell inside my head/Make a heaven inside my bed” work when delivered by Xana’s bold attitude that oozes confidence. The LGBTQ singer-songwriter and romancer has already made noise in the music industry with popular releases such as ‘Goddess’ and ‘Pray’, which has collectively amassed over 7 million streams on Spotify alone.

When asked about the new single, Xana described that “I refused to write another sad song and instead channelled all my confusion and frustration into this angsty, early 2000’s vibe, pop-rock song. Writing “My Therapist Told Me” was therapy in itself and it pushed me down the path of healing.”