There’s a theatricality that surrounds YDE’s music, and I mean that in the best possible way because her music tells a story where you don’t have to spend ages deciphering the lyrics to get an answer. She takes more of a musical theatre approach, transforming her real life experiences into artful pieces of sonic wonder that we view through the cinema of our minds, becoming an audience member that’s enraptured by the story at hand. You go through her previously released singles and view them as individual scenes, giving you a taster of the full story that’s about to arrive. After months of waiting we finally get to see and hear the full production with her debut EP SEND HELP, so sit back, relax and let your mind create a vivid scene with her voice as our humble narrator.

This body of work is a true marvel, telling a thrilling narrative that frees you from the conventional boundaries of thinking, living, and creating. Her vocal serves as a chameleon, fitting into whatever style of soundscape it needs to, whether that be soaring ballads like Where’s the Fun in Truth, feel-good numbers that get your foot tapping like Never Too Young or the dramatic numbers like How Did We Get Here. Each song she’s crafted will make you feel a brand new emotion, taken you through the entire human spectrum as you bask in the radiance of her masterful storytelling. She’s young but YDE writes with the pen of a master songwriter.