Photo: Courtesy of the artist

The fast-rising UK-based Zimbabwean singer, Valee Music, has made available the long-awaited ‘Mali’ music video. Following its premiere on MTV Base Africa, the visual is available on YouTube. ‘Mali’ is directed by SAMA award-winning Kyle White, who skillfully captures elements of the party culture and teen spirit of Southern Africa. There are affluent cars, wild parties at suspect venues, shabeens, and extravagant fashion. It’s not a complete Amapiano without infectious dance moves—’Mali’ displays an elite level of Amapiano choreography TikTokers will soon reproduce. Should I bet all my savings?

Valee Music’s development as an all-rounder is crystal clear. She has become one of the acts to watch coming from the Zimbabwean/Southern African scene. It’s been a worthwhile journey beneath the surface, and now, the world can begin to see the sprouts and enjoy the fruits for the seasons to come.


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