The internationally-acclaimed Noisettes lead songstress and bassist has always been unapologetically proud of her roots.

Photo: Courtesy of the artists

Shingai (Shoniwa), the legendary frontwoman and bassist from the platinum-selling band Noisettes (‘Never Forget You’), recently welcomed us to a new chapter of her journey with her debut solo album ‘Too Bold’. Following the remix of ‘War Drums’ off her solo debut album, Shingai collaborates again with fellow gifted Zimbabwean producer, Verseless on the ‘No Fear (Birthright)’ single. The song is a chill dance melody with influences from the rising South African House sub-genre, Amapiano.

The lyrics to ‘No Fear’ reflect on the bravery of African heritage and its boldness. The line “We are the ones they said wouldn’t make it” continues her theme of Pan-Africanism that she explored in her previous album ‘Too Bold’. The music video invokes nostalgia for the African diaspora, as Shingai and Verseless bring back the “AVM” buses, Afrocentric fashion, and Savanna landscapes. Have a look at the music video below.