Zoe Ko’s debut single is one of the best pop tracks of the year. There’s no question about this in my mind. One listen to this budding artist’s debut and you’ll swiftly realised that she’s building a sonic foundation for a sound that could soon rise to the heights of skyscrapers and, in all honesty, I could see her competing with some of the best. Line is something many contemporary hit writers will be wishing they wrote, from the intoxicating hook that is so addictive you’ll have to go to rehab to get over it, to the simple yet effective instrumental that allows Zoe Ko’s vocal to shine through like the dazzling rays of the sun through an oak tree’s leaves. Her lyrics are melancholia filled but have this uplifting quality that’s complimented by the thriving production, making you understand the low’s she’s experienced through a rough relationship, but also know that she knows her worth and isn’t afraid to walk away to do what’s best for her.

At 21 years old Zoe Ko is one of the future big hitters of the pop world. Line is one of the best things to come out of the pop world this year and the fact that it’s her debut only makes her talent more astonishing. I have no doubt in my mind that this young musician will continue to thrive as 2022 goes on and continue to go from strength to strength. Hop on the hype train for Zoe Ko now, because it will soon be leaving the station.