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It isn’t a surprise that many people look at the mid/late 1990’s through the early 2000’s as a golden age for Black actors/comedians and Black television overall. Whether it was Will Smith fleeing trouble in Philadelphia by moving to live with his wealthy family members in California on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air or the late great Bernie Mac taking in his nieces and nephew because his sister was on drugs, we were never without a great Black sitcom during this era.

What made these shows so great and memorable though? Well of course we have to give props to the stars that carried the shows. Most of the shows during the time were named after the main characters (i.e.The Steve Harvey Show) so that goes without saying. The networks obviously seen something special enough in these actors and actresses that they thought giving them their own shows was the right decision. They too deserve credit for their contributions. The writers behind some of our favorite scenes (and the cast members who brought them to life) also can’t go without being mentioned.

A successful TV show is built like a machine where every little part plays a key component in making it run smoothly. One of the most overlooked aspects of most of the legendary shows we loved watching growing up were the theme songs. Before we were able to listen to Brandy’s diary entries, we knew that we would hear “Mo to the…E to the.” When we heard the ad-lib “Oh that is cayute” from another room, we all knew that it was time to watch The Parkers. Some of the stars of the shows showed their dual talents by recording the theme songs themselves (Queen Latifah, Countess Vaughn) and in some other cases, legit superstars (Lil Romeo, Coolio) were tapped to handle the task. Regardless of who graced the theme songs, there were a lot of very classic opening tracks we were blessed with.

In a time where shows had to be top notch, the music that accompanied them had to be on the same level. To celebrate Black History Month and some of our favorite Black sitcoms, we put together a gallery of our favorite theme songs from the shows we grew up loving. Let us know which ones are your favorites and if you think we missed any!

1. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air


2. Martin

Source:Nitty Gritty

3. The Parkers

Source:Evan’s Media Archive

4. Family Matters


5. A Different World

Source:Exactly Right

6. Girlfriends

Source:Girlfriends Show

7. Half & Half

Source:Angel Views

8. One on One

Source:Naszah Streater

9. Smart Guy


10. Sister Sister


11. That’s So Raven

Source:Disney Channel

12. Keenan & Kel


13. The Jamie Foxx Show

Source:Nazrah Streater

14. Cousin Skeeter


15. Moesha

Source:Evan’s Media Archive

16. Living Single

Source:Rich ManZ

17. Honorable Mention: Static Shock


18. Honorable Mention: The Proud Family

Source:Disney Channel