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Tyler Perry’s latest thriller film Mea Culpa debuted on Netflix over the weekend and fans have had a wonderful time reacting to it across social media. The salacious film stars Kelly Rowland and Trevante Rhodes. Check out a gallery of our favorite fan reactions inside.

Mea Culpa is a film written and directed by Perry, which was released to Nettflix Friday, Feb. 23. The movie follows criminal defense attorney, Mea Harper (Rowland), as she takes on the case of a seductive artist, Zyair Mallory (Rhodes), who’s accused of murdering his girlfriend. However, when burning desire takes hold, things get hot and dangerous.

Rowland and Rhodes are joined by talent Sean Sagar, Nick Sagar, RonReaco Lee, and Shannon Thornton.

Perry’s newest romantic thriller Mea Culpa is the fifth project with Netflix as part of his multi-year first-look film deal that was announced back in 2023. The writer and director shared with The Wrap that he has always had a love for 90s thrillers, and it was the primary inspiration for Mea Culpa.

Since its’ release over the weekend, fans eagerly watched and reacted online. There were a number of mixed reviews. Some saying they enjoyed the film and thought the actors were committed to their performances. Others believed some of the twists and turns seemed questionable.

One social media user compared the end of the film to Jordan Peele’s Get Out saying, “The ending of this movie turning into Get Out is sending me.” Other fans couldn’t get over how “fine, fine, fine” Trevante looked throughout the movie.

Be sure to watch for yourself before making forming an opinion. Mea Culpa is available to stream on Netflix.

Check out our favorite fan reactions to Mea Culpa below:

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