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At this point, fans know about Offset’s obsession with the late, great Michael Jackson. From his fashion to his dance moves, the influence MJ has had on Offset is quite obvious. His wife Cardi B revealed that his latest addition to the Michael Jackson shrine is a bit extreme. Read more details inside.

On an exclusive and unreleased interview with Cardi B and Hot 97’s “Ebro in the Morning” show, Cardi B tells a hilarious story about her hubby’s Michael Jackson tattoo. She shared with the world that Offset’s MJ tatt is a turnoff in the bedroom.

On Thursday (Sept. 7), Ebro Darden shared a clip from the interview on Instagram, and it has since sparked some conversation online.

In the video, Cardi insinuates that she finds it difficult to enjoy certain bedroom activities with her husband because of his Michael Jackson tattoo. The tatt is placed on his stomach. One user found a photo of the tattoo, where an inked MJ is creepily looking up at anyone who looks.

“I really need you to see the Michael Jackson tattoo he got on his stomach,” Cardi said in the interview clip. “I don’t even want to take it there.”

Cardi did indeed take it there, sharing more about her experience in the interview.

“Every single time that I, you know, like,” Cardi B disclosed while making a biting gesture. “It just be looking at me.”

Then the rapper comedically shared how Offset’s tattoo of Michael Jackson appears to watch her closely as she performs the aforementioned acts.

Today (Sept. 8), Cardi B dropped her new single “Bongos” featuring Megan Thee Stallion.

The two rappers collaborated on Cardi’s 2020 single, “WAP,” which became a mega-hit. Cardi also released the single “Jealousy,” which features her husband, Offset. After taking some time off, the superstar is back with more entertaining content to follow.

Check out the interview of Cardi B explaining why certain activities are challenging because of Offset’s strange Michael Jackson obsession below: