Denver, Colorado emcee & Lyrikal Snuff Productionz founder Scum moving on from the Dyin’ World Chroniclez trilogy by releasing his 15th full-length solo LP. Starting as a member of an experimental grind/noise band called Down Syndrome about 28 years ago, his solo debut Enter the Asylum just turned 20 this past winter & has outdone himself plenty of times since. Case in point: The GorefatherOut with the Old & recently his 3rd EP Bad Uncle fully produced by Chapter 17/Psychopathic Records in-house producer Devereaux last summer. I also found myself enjoying the previously mentioned Dyin’ World Chroniclez trilogy of course too & was certainly interested in the outcome of Anti-Human.

M.M.M.F.D. gets us started with “This Pain” morbidly talking about losing an addiction battle & doubting that heaven would let them in if they even try walking through the pearly that is until “Revenge is Cheap” grabs the ski mask & makes them bleed rather quickly over this gruesome trap instrumental. “The Past” takes the trap metal route stylistically blowing up in people’s faces similarly to that of an explosive barrel, but then “Float or Sink” featuring Big Hoodoo works in kicks & snares talking about swimming for your life.

“What U Leave Behind” has more of a cloudy trap flare to it tackling the idea of forgetting things that one may now regret as time passes by while “Bloody Mess” works in some guitars & hi-hats talking about leaving them curled up in a ball bruised & abused. The piano-heavy “When I’m Gone” featuring Madopelli presents self-mutilation at it’s finest clarifying it’s about those who’ll remember you when the hype is through as opposed to who’ll show up at your funeral just before “Unsobriety” goes trap metal again talking about being fucked up to cope with anxiety.

Smallz One joins Scum for “Pull Up” going for a cloudy trap vibe advising to come through just to be murdered leading into “Cold One” featuring Lyte menacingly breaks down simply how cold both the Gorefather & the Psychopathic MonStar can be. “Guilty” wickedly talks about sitting in this motherfucker with a shotgun while “Daaamn” calls out an individual that he heard stole from those that you should never steal from in the first place & severing ties in the process.

“No More” featuring JP tha Hustler, Mista Doesha & Slyzwicked begins the final moments of Anti-Human in the form of all 4 MCs desecrating everyone who pushed them to the limit returning to the boom bap in the process while “Heavy Lies the Crown” continues the encore of the album with a synth-trap fusion talking about too much pressure steady caving in on his skull now. “Voicemail” ends the LP getting relatable over on top of kicks & snares needing someone to talk to as soon as possible rather than leaving a voice message.

Over 2 decades of giving the underground nothing but straight-up gore hop & Anti-Human continues to make that the case for the Gorefather himself. The overall sound is predominantly trap, yet you also get hints of trap metal & even boom bap so Scum can bring some his LSP brethren & even a couple Psychopathic Records alumni keeping the underground wicked shit scene alive & thriving in the distinctive styles of all performers involved.

Score: 8/10