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Source: Courtesy / Sundae School x Yuzu

In celebration of Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Sundae School and Yuzu partner with a new content series and merch collaboration. The first of its kind social and dating app for the AAPI community, Yuzu, is happy to share the partnership with Sundae School. Read more details on their collab inside.

Yuzu proudly unveils its new partnership with celebrated lifestyle brand dedicated to Korean heritage and Asian American identity, Sundae School. This collaboration signifies a partnership aimed at celebrating, spotlighting, and empowering Asian creativity, culture, and community like never before.

The cornerstone of this collaboration is the launch of the “Inspirasian” AAPI Creatives Spotlight Content Series, a captivating short-form content series featuring Asian creatives from the community. Through four engaging episodes, viewers have the opportunity to dive into the stories, passions, and journeys of talented individuals who are shaping and inspiring the Asian American landscape.

Among the featured creatives are:

  • Ameya Okamoto, a dynamic artist whose work bridges art and social justice
  • Juno Shen, an innovative artist exploring the relationship between light and human experience
  • James Bee, a fashion photographer and director known for his sensual and provocative style and
  • Snix, a trailblazing New York City based artist and performer

The “Inspirasian” AAPI Creatives Spotlight series immerses viewers in the dynamic journeys of Asian creatives through a captivating array of episodes. Within each segment, these pioneering artists not only offer profound insights into their work but also delve into how their Asian heritage intricately shapes their artistic vision. From recounting transformative networking experiences to highlighting the invaluable support of their communities and the impact of platforms like Yuzu, each narrative thread weaves together a vibrant tapestry of inspiration. Culminating in heartfelt advice directed at their younger selves and the upcoming generation of Asian creatives, this series stands as a powerful testament to the boundless creativity and unwavering resilience that defines the Asian artistic landscape.

Check out the trailer below:

Their partnership will also introduce an exclusive merch collab featuring 100 limited edition shirts co-designed by Yuzu and Sundae School. These unique pieces serve as a celebration of Asian heritage and identity, embodying the spirit of inclusivity and creativity that defines both brands.

Cindy Lim, the Head of Brand for Yuzu, and her brother, Dae Lim, the Founder of Sundae School, brought their shared dedication to connecting the Asian community and celebrating identity and heritage to life during Yuzu’s first launch dinner in NYC on Feb. 22. As siblings with a passion for empowering their community, Cindy and Dae orchestrated an unforgettable event that served as a beacon of inclusivity and cultural pride for the Asian community.

This month, and beyond, Yuzu and Sundae School invite individuals to join them on this journey of celebration and empowerment. Through a shared dedication to culture and community, they aim to redefine what it means to connect, celebrate, and inspire.

Be sure to support these brands as they continue to uplift the Asian American community.