New Jersey lyricist Wes Nihil joins forces with esteemed producer Stu Bangas to unveil the video for “It Is What It Is.” Harkening back to his gritty upbringing on Newark’s South Street, Wes Nihil weaves a lyrical tapestry that pays homage to his origins while honoring the memory of loved ones lost along the way. Directed by All I Know Is Goon’s John L., the visuals offer an unfiltered glimpse into the streets of Newark, capturing the essence of the city that shaped Wes Nihil’s journey. With raw passion and unwavering authenticity, “It Is What It Is” serves as a testament to the importance of staying grounded amid life’s tumultuous twists and turns.

Reflecting on the significance of the track, Wes Nihil emphasizes the dual importance of remembering one’s roots and honoring the path ahead. “It Is What It Is” transcends mere nostalgia, serving as a heartfelt tribute to the resilient spirit of Newark and the cherished individuals who have left an indelible mark on Wes Nihil’s life.