Liongate’s Debmar-Mercury and Will Packer Debut Entertainment relaunch their latest entertainment and pop culture magazine show Central Ave in 210 markets nationwide. We recently spoke with hosts Julissa Bermudez and Sanya Richards-Ross about their new season. They discuss their mission behind the show, in-depth news coverage, the responsibility they bear producing the show and how they have improved since the show’s conception in light of moving to over 200 new markets.

Veteran entertainment reporter Julissa Bermudez known for BET’s 106 & Park and Empire Girls and four-time Olympic gold medalist Sanya Richards-Ross return to their historic roles as the first two women of color to host an entertainment magazine show. In the interview, they both speak on the significance of their roles in this show and how they are reshaping entertainment news.

Following a limited run last year, the half-hour series aired in 210 markets delivering relevant entertainment and pop culture stories through a provocative, socially conscious and diverse lens. Central Ave hosts Julissa and Sanya speak about the transition from a daily show to a longer weekly show. Sanya speaks on how cutting back on daily content has allowed the cast and crew to devote more time to “dig deep” while reporting on topics discussed within the show.

Central Ave was welcomed back to television on Sep. 26 after being sold to a powerful roster of syndication partners including FOX Television Stations, Sinclair, CBS and The CW-Plus, among many others. The nationally syndicated show offers a multicultural, investigative look on entertainment news. They cover stories from inside looks on high profile celebrities’ businesses like Beyonce, Inc. to uncovering facts you did not know about the O.J. Simpson trial.

The series also features a diverse group of skilled correspondents with different areas of expertise including Van Lathan, formerly of TMZ, Kennedy- Rue McCollough, Sloane Glass, Melissa McCarty, Neima Abdulaha and Zach Greenburg. Viewers can expect to be educated on a broad range of topics within entertainment. Central Ave aims to uncover the stories untold and provide viewers with a unique perspective that differs from the many other platforms one may seek news from.

Producer Will Packer speaks on the significance of the new series, “Central Ave has changed the way audiences view and relate to pop culture and the entertainment world. The diverse and powerful stories featured on this show are meant to provoke, infuriate and inspire people to make positive changes that will impact our society and the world around us.”

It is a refreshing take on the current news cycle viewers are accustomed to. Now in over 200 markets, more people can enjoy a fresh perspective on the entertainment world. Be sure to find your local listing and stay updated with more from Central Ave here