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Social media is buzzing over provocative tennis drama Challengers that smolders with shady shenanigans, hilariously messy moments, and explosive exchanges between deeply flawed characters played by Zendaya, Josh O’Connor, and Mike Faist.

We caught up with the talented trio to talk Hollywood’s movie-of-the-moment, trending ‘villain’ Tashi Duncan, and more. Check out our interview below:

Directed by Luca Guadagnino, Challengers stars Zendaya as Tashi Duncan–a former tennis prodigy-turned-winning-obsessed coach who’s unapologetically #TeamTashi on and off the court.

Married to a champion down on his luck (Mike Faist), Tashi’s strategy for her husband’s redemption takes an unexpected turn when he faces off against his washed up ex-BFF Patrick (Josh O’Connor) who’s also Tashi’s ex-boyfriend.

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Source: Amazon MGM Studios

As their pasts and presents collide, Tashi is forced to ask herself how far she’s willing to go and what she’s willing to do to win.

“Typically, I play the person that ultimately is easier to empathize with,” said Zendaya in her cover story interview with VOGUE. “There was something about her that felt very, ‘Oh, damn.’ “Even I was kind of scared of her.”

Check out the trailer below:

Once again making magic with famed stylist Law Roach, Zendaya served up tennis-inspired slays while commanding carpets as Hollywood’s leading-lady-of-the-moment on the global Challengers press tour.

With the biggest film of 2024 (so far) and her ‘villainous’ character making audiences clutch their pearls, we’re sure Zendaya will continue to be the topic of discussion in the coming weeks.

“Here’s the thing I liked about Tashi: Yes, things have happened to her that have hardened her, but at the end of the day, this is just who she is,” she said in an interview with Variety.

“There wasn’t a defining moment that made her this way. Her showing up just to wield her power over these two young men is indicative of that. She’s always been aware of her power and how to manipulate that over others. Which isn’t really healthy, but she’s always been aware of it. It just used to be just for fun.

As she gets older, it becomes a means of survival and getting through life. Before, it was something she did just because she could do it, flexing this skill of hers, seeing how far she can push people. Testing people. Seeing what she can get away with or get them to do. How manipulative she can be. She’s messy, but it’s at a time in her life where she can be. And it’s for fun. It’s not until later in her life that it’s not fun.”

Challengers is now playing in theaters everywhere!