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Last night’s episode of “Abbott Elementary” might be one of our favorites of the season. From Principal Ava’s rapid fire roast to her mature conversation after leading the school’s fundraiser with Barbara, fans were able to see a different side of the finessing school leader. Janine’s new love interest was a touchy subject for Gregory. While Jacob and Mr. Johnson settled their cat co-parenting differences. Check out our recap and fan reactions inside.

The mockumentary continues to explore issues in the education system, including the lack of resources underfunded schools face across the U.S. Abbott Elementary is a fictional, yet relatable representation of this impending problem in our school systems. The 13th episode titled “Fundraiser” debuted last night (Jan. 18). Barbara organizes a candy-selling fundraiser to raise money for a school field trip to the science museum. However, when sales don’t go as planned, Principal Ava steps in to teach the students new, unconventional selling tactics.

Meanwhile, there are a few relationship updates. Janine reveals that she plans to date Gregory’s friend Maurice, and Gregory doesn’t seem too pleased about it. In another world, Mr. Johnson and Jacob co-parent a cat they found in the school. They’re devastated to find out that it was as student’s missing cat from show and tell.

The entire episode was fun, hilarious and left fans with an impactful message. We especially loved the honest conversation Principal Ava has with Barbara about how the idea of scamming is bred out of necessity based upon people’s circumstances and financial situations. It helped Barbara’s more privileged mind consider a different perspective.

The students top tier acting skills are once again a highlight of this episode, but the way Principal Ava roasted one student’s high water pants had us cackling for hours. Another scene to spotlight has to be Janine’s ridiculousness at the very end of the episode, where she is seen terrorizing a plate of ribs despite Gregory advising her not to.

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