Like a great summer blockbuster that’s been itching for a sequel, Caal Vo simply couldn’t resist dropping the follow up to his underground his Ferris Wheel. In the middle of this amusement park of fun he takes you on the Ferris Wheel the first time, and you’re instantly amazed by the view of everything. The skylights in the distance, people looking like ants, someone holding a giant stuffed animal that’s almost as big as them, and the now faded noises of the fair music below. You come back one year later, worried the ride won’t live up to the hype you experienced the first time, but Ferris Wheel 2 raises the bar more than you could ever imagine, with the star track In My White Tee being the main attraction.

As previously stated, the whole project is worth a listen. There’s an array of magical songs that showcase his ethereal auto-croons, but today we’re focusing on the closer, the grand finale of this whole affair. In My White Tee is everything that Caal Vo is in a nutshell. He’s proves how sharp his quill his with witty-raps forming insatiable hooks over simple production that puts them on display, never detouring away from the story at hand. It unfolds before us and soon we’re waving the white tee in the air in celebration as he hits it out of the park once again. Whenever he drops there might as well be a fair it town because it’s non-stop enjoyment.