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For centuries, princesses have been present in popular culture. Many of the princesses we know that have came into culture relevance have done so as Disney animated characters. What about their lives before Disney though? Had anyone heard of the Snow Queen before Elsa in Frozen? How about Denmark’s little mermaid before the animated movie? Some of these stories have been around for hundreds of years.

This week (May 26), as moviegoers across the country prepare for the upcoming live-action Little Mermaid movie (starring Halle Bailey) and Disney prepares to remake Moana, the people over at wanted to know which princess was the most searched in each state. Using data from Google Trends, they examined the search volume for nine princesses. Let’s dive into the unknown and see which princess is part of your world!

The most searched princess in America is Elsa, who tops the list in 16 states. No one comes close to taking her crown. States in both warm and cold climates find themselves identifying with the queen who just wants to let it go.

Coming in at number two is Ariel. The mermaid from under the sea is the top-searched princess in 12 states across the U.S. The areas are a mix of landlocked and coastal states. Ariel’s popularity may be tied to the ad blitz from Disney for the new live-action Little Mermaid movie.

Favorite Disney Princesses By State Chart

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Jasmine is the third-most searched princess in the U.S. She’s the top princess in 11 states, only one fewer than Ariel. The states tend to be clustered in the Northeast and the Mountain West. While most states picked one of the top three princesses (Elsa, Ariel and Jasmine), there were some outliers.

Seven states choose Pocahontas, including Arkansas, Georgia, Illinois, and Washington. The belle of the ball in South Dakota and West Virginia is… Belle! New Hampshire loves Rapunzel, while Alaska feels a kinship with Snow White. South Carolina was the only state that can’t make a decision. People there search for Elsa and Ariel in equal numbers. Finally, states also love characters from their own states. Hometown princess Tiana reigns over Louisiana, while Moana rules over the Pacific from Hawaii.

Now that you know your state’s favorite princess, you can decide if you agree or not. All of the animated movies starring these princesses are available to stream on Disney+. Check them out and let us know which princess is your favorite. Also, be sure to check out the live-action Little Mermaid movie, which will be in theaters Friday!